Posted by: kathysdesigns | December 7, 2008

Moving back to Blogger


Just a message to let you all know that I shall be moving back to blogger, I don’t like the way they have set up the new wordpress thing and I much prefer blogger, so back to my old place.

Here is the link for you.  Will post a message on there too.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | December 5, 2008

2 Trips to A&E

Well my day started off well, got up, the kids were fed and dressed for school, got back and hubby announced that he had to go to the Eye Hospital as he had scratched his eye with his contact lens.  That was a 2 hour trip in total

Trip 2, this afternoon I went of to my friend Jackies house as they wanted to go and see her children, we left just after 5, and as we walked to the car, Guy fell over and he announced that his chin was bleeding, thank god for Jackie as she is a nurse.

We ended up in Childrens A&E for 5 hours in total, am totally knackered now.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | November 11, 2008

Fast Off WIP

Ok I have been repremanded (only kidding) for calling this Fast Asleep lol.  Sorry Karen.  As I well and truely know, it is called Fast Off and here is an update of it.  I only have the bottom corner left to go now, and I shall be cracking on with it tonight.  He is just soooooooo cute and am looking forward to seeing this one finished myself.


This could be the last WIP pic I take.  Once he is finished I shall wash and press him, so that he looks lovely and clean for when it goes back to his home with Karen.

Thanks for looking.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | November 6, 2008

Pompejian Garden Part 3 HD

Tonight I finally finished Part 3 of Pompejian Garden, I started it on Tuesday and finished it about 30 mins ago.  I now have all the colours ready for Part 4, phew, but first I must crack on with Fast Asleep lol.

Here is a pic


Thanks for looking.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | November 3, 2008

Oct & Nov Goals

Oct Goals:

1. Finish Jewels of the Orient – Finished 1st Nov 08 
2. Work on White Nights of St Petersburgh – Started Part 4 – No
3. Finish Baby’s First Christmas – Done -Sos can’t show pic until after 16th Nov
4. Work on Celtic Summer – SAL – Yes
5. Work on Taj Thursdays SAL – Still on Part 1 – No
6. Work on Winter Beauty Princess Passione Ricamo SAL – Yes (pic to come soon)
7. Work on Noel Celebration SAL – Part 1 Started – Yes
8. Finish Tulip by John Clayton – No

Nov Goals

1. Finish Fast Asleep – ¼ to go
2. Work on Pompejian Gardens – On Part 3 
3. Work on Celtic Summer – SAL
4. Work on Taj Thursdays SAL – Still on Part 1
5. Work on Winter Beauty Princess Passione Ricamo SAL
6. Work on Noel Celebration SAL – Part 1 Started
7. Work on Needleroll Exchange – Just need to post it.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | November 2, 2008

Jewels HD and a WIP

Here is Jewels finally finished.  I finished at about 5:30ish yesterday, and have been waiting to get home to put on here lol.

Stitched on 36ct Antique White Linen, a Dimensions Gold Collection Kit, started 11th August 2008 – Finished 1st November 2008.

My next piece is called Fast Asleep, I haven’t stitched on this one in over a yr and have picked it up again.  I visited Karen twice whilst I was away and said I would finish it, and started on it again last night.  So here it is soo far, gonna crack on with it tonight and for a few more days and then I shall work on Celtic Summer. 

I have done about 50 stitches on it to date, but only took a pic this afternoon, before leaving Karens earlier today.

Karen thanks for having us on Thursday and Today, the boys had a great time with Riley and hope that he sleeps for you tonight.  Here is a pic of the 3 of them together

Thanks for looking.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | October 28, 2008

Final Jewels WIP

Well here they are in their final WIP stage.  I do have the backstitching and wysteria to do and the tassles from the brolly, but all in all it should be finished by tomorrow night.  I won’t be home after tomorrow afternoon so my HD pic will have to be when I get back home on Sunday.

My Aunt will be really pleased its only a month late, and it will be the last one I do for her for a while lol, its time to get my own stuff finished hurrrayyy lol.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | October 20, 2008

Cetlic Summer (Alt Colours)

Here is my next installment, I have not worked on CS in a couple of months, so I got her out last night and worked on her and also this morning.  I have been really chuffed with my progress to date, and have really enjoyed stitching on her, she’ll be worked on for a few more evenings over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for looking xxxx

Posted by: kathysdesigns | October 19, 2008

Partial Jewels HD

Today I finished backstitching the bottom section of Jewels.  Hence the Partial HD, now I can crack on with the top section, fingers crossed she will be finished by the weekend and I can take her to my Aunts.

Thanks for looking.  My lazy daisies aren’t perfect but I am happy with the outcome.  Off to start the top bit now woohooooo.

Posted by: kathysdesigns | October 9, 2008

Jewels Update & Bracelet

Here is an update on Jewels so far, as you can see I still have a way to go, the top section needs to be done and as you can see the bottom still needs to be finished off, which I am hoping to get done this weekend.

This is one of the things I made at our beading session today, I haven’t got a name for it yet, but I am callin it Black & White Byzantine Bracelet for now.  This was made with one of Julie’s beads.

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