Posted by: kathysdesigns | December 8, 2007


Sorry I haven’t been here lately and apologies for not leaving messages on peoples blogs lately.  I have been busy beading ready for a Christmas Market, which did not go very well, and would have preferred, if I had been at the School Christmas Fayre at Tickenham, but hey ho, didn’t know about that one but, I am sure there will be others I can go to before the school holidays start.

I have had some lovely pressies for my Advent Calendar.  I will post some pics at a later date, but so far I have a Card Making Book, Polstitches Sparkly Fabby called Gemstone, some Bobbins, Gold Tea light Candles and a lovely Blue sand with some Sea Shells and a note book.

I am currently knitting a baby blanket which needs to be finished and posted as soon as possible so I may get on with that tonight, DH is out with work for their Christmas Do and we aren’t allowed to go which is fine by me, cos I can do whatever I want once the monsters have gone to bed he he.



  1. Hey sis, so sorry the fair didn’t go too well yesterday, and after all your hard work. Better luck next time. Glad you’re still liking your pressies, hope you like the rest of them.

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