Posted by: kathysdesigns | January 2, 2008

Tulip Trio SAL

Yesterday was SAL day, and although Taj Mahal SAL started yesterday, I couldn’t start, as I am waiting for threads to arrive from Cindy @ ECC.  I have 2 SAL’s that I will be working on, every Tuesday, one being Taj (which I will start as soon as the bits & pieces arrive), and also I am stitching Tulip Trio by Dimensions.

                                              Tulip Trio WIP 1

I enjoyed stitching on this last night and this afternoon.  I have worked about 2½ hours on this so far, I know it doesn’t look much but I am please with it sooo far.  Will be back out again on Tuesday.  Hopefully I will have my threads for Taj by then, and I can work on them both.  I will do Tulip Trio in the mornings and then do Taj afternoons and evenings, at least then I will be able to keep on top of them both. 

Tonight I am back to My parents Wedding Anniversary present Ruby Red, will hopefully have an update for you tomorrow or Friday.

I have also been asked to join in an Weekend SAL, starting this weekend and I shall be working on Mermaids of the Deep Blue from Friday night to Sunday night and then that will go away til next month.  Boy I think its going to be a busy stitching year for me lol.



  1. I does look like a busy stitching year for you! Good start on Tulip Trio…it’s a gorgeous design!

  2. Your stitching is looking lovely 🙂 Happy New Year!! I am so glad you stopped by my blog! I hadn’t updated my link and had lost you 😦 *hugs*

  3. 2 SALs Kathy… you are going to be busy on Tuesdays! 😉 Tulip Trio is looking lovely. I hope your threads arrive soon so you can start on Taj xx

  4. Sounds like you are definitely going to have a busy stitching year Kathy! Tulip Trio is looking beautiful. I love the colours.

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