Posted by: kathysdesigns | January 7, 2008

WIP Updates

Here are 2 WIP’s  over the last week I have been working on Ruby Red and Marquior.  Here are some pics for all to see.

The First one is Red Ruby                      
        Red Ruby Wip 2                   

This is a before and after of Marquoir
Photobucket             Wip 10

I have done more on marquoir and will post another update tomorrow.



  1. I’ve never stitched a Silver Lining design before but looking at all your WiP, I’m very tempted. Great job on the Marquoir.

  2. Wonderful progress! Red Ruby looks like it’s a dream to stitch, so pretty!

  3. Great progress on both your WIP’s Kathy. I have a Silver Lining UFO that I started six years ago for my silver wedding anniversary, but it fell by the wayside after just a short while, it was so daunting.

  4. Oh my! You have made some awesome progress on both! They look great!

  5. They both look fantastic Kathy!

  6. Both wips are looking beautiful, Kathy!!!

  7. Your WIP’s look great, Kathy! I love the Marquoir Sampler, I copied out all the charts as they came out but never found a chance to start it.

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