Posted by: kathysdesigns | January 9, 2008

Taj Mahal WIP 1

Here is a WIP pic of Taj Mahal that I am doing with Gill, Sam & Yany as an SAL.  Thanks for letting me join Gill.  I really enjoyed stitching this once the threads arrived.

Taj Mahal SAL Wip 1

I am looking foward to stitching on it again already.  I really didn’t want to put it away til next week, as I was really getting into it lol.  Oh well never mind.  I have something to look forward to he he.

I still have the Caron Waterlille Threads and the last of the Petite Treasure Braid Threads to get, but I am pleased with my start.  I ought to catch up on Tulip Trio as I never got around to stitching on that yesterday, so I may get on with that tomorrow night, and then next week, work on it in the mornings.

Tonight I shall be working on Marquoir until Friday, then its SAL weekend on something else, then on Monday back to Ruby Red.  Not sre how long this will last but at least whilst I have a variety of things on the go that I really want to stitch, it should keep my interest going for a while lol.



  1. Taj looks great Kathy – nice start! 🙂

  2. Great start on Taj Kathy! I love this piece.

  3. Nice start Kathy!!

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