Posted by: kathysdesigns | January 15, 2008

Page 1 HD out of 24 lol

Here is Page 1 of Snow Princess finally finished.  It took me til last night from Friday night, and I really enjoyed stitching on her.  I am looking forward to the next SAL on the HEAD BB, which is on the 24/25 of this month.

SP 5

After 3,645 stitches (yes I counted lol), page 2 is now ready for the start on the 24th.  I do have to buy some threads as one colour has completely ran out, but I am pleased with the pic so far.  It took me well over a year to get this finished,and now I have to get the next page done, lets just hope it doesn’t take another year to finish this next page lol.

Thanks for looking.  Back to Taj Mahal SAL today and then back to Wedding Anniversary pressie for my parents tomorrow.



  1. Congratulations on your page one happy dance! It’s looking great. I have to try to tackle a HAED. Sounds like your rotation is well within hand!

  2. Hi Kathy! I just got the card you sent us for Christmas! Thank you so much, it was so sweet of you 🙂
    Congratulations on finishing the first page of Snow Princess…it looks great!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the first page! It looks lovely.

  4. please, can you let me know, here or on the haed board, what fabric you chose for this pattern? thanks a lot!

  5. Congratulations Kathy! Now you’ve achieved the first page there’ll be no stopping you 😉 Would it be 826 you’ve run out of by any chance….?!!

  6. You must have the patience of a saint!

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