Posted by: kathysdesigns | January 16, 2008

Taj Update

Yesterday was Taj Mahal SAL, and with a sore, cracked hand, I couldn’t do much, so here is a wee updated I think I managed about 50 stitches in the end lol.

Taj Mahal SAL WIP 2

I am enjoying this, but I just need to get moisturiser on my hand and get back to the full flow of stitching again.  It seems a bit better today, so I doubt I will get much done today, but its back to Red Ruby.



  1. Taj is looking brilliant Kathy!

  2. Take care of your hand Kathy!!!

  3. Looking good Kathy. Have you tried the Neutrogena swiss formula hand cream? It is great & works a treat on chapped hands.

  4. I think your Taj is looking pretty good! Hope your hand gets better!

  5. Hope you can get that hand sorted out there’s nothing worse than not being able to stitch!

  6. Its looking great! And sorry to hear about your sore hand, I hope you find a moisturizer that works for you.

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