Posted by: kathysdesigns | February 15, 2008

5 Stitchy HDs and 6 Jewellery HDs

Sorry for not being around much and not doing much blogging, but I have been busy honest.  I have been busy stitching and making Jewllery.  The first pics are the stitching pics.  I stitched the L*K Seasonal Baskets as models for someone who is going to be at a show in London (Olympia) in March.  And the other I call Hugs & Kisses, not sure what I will do with it yet, but is an SAL called the Colouring Book SAL, and I really enjoyed it.

lk autumn basket lk spring basket lk summer basket lk winter basket colouring book p2

This next lot is the Jewellery I have been making too, it is called Chain Mail and I really enjoy making these pieces, will have to put them in my shop this week lol. 

blue & green byzantine set box chain broken Byzantine copper dimond earrings  red & blk byzantine red flip flop

I love it and its so light and comfy to wear, in fact its all comfy to wear. The first set is also Byzantine as well.  The next pic is a Box Chain bracelet, which is lovely.  The next bracelet is a Byzantine again but broken up with slightly larger rings, you can also add a bead in the middle so that it can look like a flower.  The copper earrings are made with copper Earring hooks, the red/blk & silver set is also Byzantine and I shall be keeping this set, and the final bracelet that has red beads on it, is called a flip flop chain mail.  Hope I didn’t bore you there lol. 

All these sets can be made in lovely colours of pink, green, blue, yellow, red, silvers, yellow, brown, black and gold.  I am not sure if there are other colours, but I will be making more soon but adding bigger beads to them eventually.  They were all made with Alluminium Jump Rings and look so lovely IRL.

Back to stitching I guess have a Round Robin to get done not stitched it yet and posting day was today.  I am naughty but I did organise it and will get it out on Monday.



  1. So who’s been a busy bee then? They all look great sis, but then you know that already cos I told ya. PMSL. Don’t get too carried away with the finishes though or you’ll be overtaking me and we can’t have that!

  2. You have been busy. Everything looks great.

  3. WOW, you have been busy. Everything looks wonderful. Your very talented

  4. You have been busy Kathy! Lovely finishes and gorgeous jewellery too 🙂

  5. Wow! You have bee busy! Gorgeous stithing and jewelry all around!

  6. All your stitched pieces and your jewellry are gorgeous Kathy!

  7. You have gotten so much accomplished! Great work and everything looks lovely 😀

  8. Everything is beautiful Kathy!!

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