Posted by: kathysdesigns | February 27, 2008

Rudy Red Update

Well I hope you won’t get bored over the next couple of weeks, as my blog will be full of Ruby Red until its finished and framed in time for my Parents 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Here is a before and after pic.

Red Ruby Wip 2   WIP 3

I really enjoyed stitching on this yesterday, will get back to it tonight and post a pic on Friday afternoon, so that it looks like I have worked on it rofl.

Fingers crossed that I will have this finished by the end of next week, as I want to get it framed and wrapped up for my parents.  I just have to find some nice wording to go with it too.  Will have a play with my package this weekend.

Hugs to all this who need them, and hope that you are all having a lovely time at the moment.



  1. Its beautiful! It looks like a Silver Lining piece-what fabric are you stitching it on?

  2. Wow you have been busy Kathy! Lots of finishes!! Ruby Red is gorgeous – such lovely rich reds. I’m sending you stitchy vibes so you can make good progress 😉

  3. hi kathy keep working on that the way you are and you will get if finished very soon! lovely looking so far cant wait to see full effect soon 🙂

  4. Good luck, I’m sure you will be finished in time.

  5. Great progress! Think positive-you wll finish.

  6. Great progress!! I’m sure you’ll finish it on time :0)

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