Posted by: kathysdesigns | June 15, 2008

Boy it seems ages since I left a message on my Blog.  Things have been pretty hectic around here due to the boys.

Monday Nights they have Cubs, Tuesday Night they have Cricket Practice, Thursday they go to the local Secondary school for MultiSports, so that they can learn new ones, and on Sundays they play Cricket against other local Teams.  They play for a team called Barrow Gurney, as they don’t have many members.  Boy their Social Life is way busier than mine, no fair lol.

This weekend I have had my Parents here, and we have been sorting out the garden outside the house at the side of it, and also been sorting out my veg patch and repotting some plants, it is coming along nicely and we only have one more border to sort out in the main garden at the back now.

I have hardly stitched over the last 2 weeks, in fact I only stitched on Wednesady last week for the first time in well over a week, not too good for me really.  It’s not like me to stop stitching especially when I have 4 wks to complete a Tiger for my Mum and also got Marquoir to finish off.

Marquoir is coming along nicely, I only have 4 more sections to go and the border, which won’t take me long.  This weekend is HAED SAL weekend so I am going to be working on Snow Princess today and tomorrow, then I can put it away for another month til the next one.  I do have some pics, for all to see of what I have been doing recently. 

This first one is Snow Princess from Last Month’s SAL

This next one is Marquoir.  I have done parts 17,18, 19 and 20 (just finished today).  Only 4 parts to go now woohoooooo

I will try and keep upto date on here a bit more now.  I have also made a load of Jewellery, but haven’t taken photo’s yet as I need to finish them off.  Once that is done I shall get cracking in sorting out a site.



  1. Oh! I love the thread you’re using for Marquoir! Very intense and just a lovely hue. Beautiful work!

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