Posted by: kathysdesigns | June 18, 2008

Necklace and White Lightening WIP

Here is a necklace I made last week, and finally finished off this morning.  Its called a Pendant Necklace, which was fun to make.

Here is the first WIP of White Lightening, which I am stitching for my Mum for her 60th birthday. I am on a tight Schedule as it is only 4 wks tomorrow til her birthday, and here is a couple of days work here already.  I am pleased with the progress and hoping to get cracking on with it after bead club tomorrow.
I will be working on it tonight, so will try and post another pic of it in the next day or 2, I will try not to bore you too much with it over the next few weeks lol.

I am hoping to get this top left hand corner finished, by the end of the week, then onto Marquoir on Friday night.



  1. White Lightening is beautiful! I love that one, but it’s huge! How you going to get that done in 4 weeks!! You planning on staying up every night?

  2. Both necklace and WIP are gorgeous – can’t wait to see the tiger take shape … tigers are my favourite animals behind ducks! 😀

  3. That’s a pretty necklace.

    White lighting is gonna be gorgeous! Can’t believe that’s only a couple days worth of stitching. You sure stitch fast. I’ll never get tired of looking at WiP pics. Please do show more ^.^

  4. A beautiful necklace Kathy:)

    White Lightning is looking lovely. I am sure you are going to have it finished as you are stitching up a storm:)

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