Posted by: kathysdesigns | August 7, 2008

White Lightning HD

Hurray, at last my Mum now has her 60th Birthday Present, which she loves.  It took me just over a week to get it finished.

My next HD will be Marquoir, I have finished the border and only have a couple of the Sections left to do, have enjoyed stitching on it this week, and intend to get it finished hopefully by tomorrow night.   Will post a pic of it real soon.



  1. looks wonderful Kathy!!! LOVE it!

  2. Wow Kathy. White Lightening is amazing!!! Well done on a fantastic finish!

  3. Wow oh wow, that is indeed fast stitching. It felt like only yesterday when you mentioned that you were starting it. It’s gorgeous! Congratulations!

  4. Awww that’s gorgeous! Wow!
    You have lightning hands!

  5. well done kathy, it is stunning. makes me want ot start mine!!

  6. Fabulous finish Kathy! Well done – your mum is one lucky lady :o)

  7. Congratulations that is fantastic!

  8. Wow that is stunning Kathy! Your Mum will love it!

  9. How gorgeous! Congrats.

  10. It took you only a WEEK to get this finished! WHAW! Congratulations. How many hours did you stitch on it a day then? Amazing.

  11. Excellent Needlework!

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