Posted by: kathysdesigns | September 5, 2008

Jewels WIP 3

Here is WIP no 3 of Jewels, still working on them at the moment, and hoping to get a load more done later on today.  This is todays and yesterdays efforts so far, going to add more on in abit whilst I still can.

I am really enjoying stitching on these 2 gorgeous ladies, and can’t wait to get them finished for my Aunt, I just know she will love them, when she gets them.

Today is also my 10th Wedding Anniversary to Nick, we have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge ready for later on.

The boys went back to school today, and I have had my first day of peace and quiet, so I was able to do loads of stitching he he.  Will post another pic on Monday.



  1. That’s looking terrific Kathy!

    Happy Anniversary! Fancy me neglecting to mention mine in my blog entry! lol… 16 years for me!

  2. The colours are gorgeous!

  3. That looks lovely Kathy. The colours are gorgeous.

  4. Happy anniversary. I hope your celebration is as beautiful as your stitching. 🙂

  5. Nice wip’s. Happy belated Anniversary!

  6. Belated happy anniversary to you & DH Kathy! Hope you enjoyed the bubbly. Your Jewels are looking beautiful – I love all the little details on the kimonos.

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