Posted by: kathysdesigns | September 26, 2008

Jewels Update

Here is update no 4, I took this pic a couple of days ago and have been busy steaming along with them, hoipng to get the lady sitting down finished by the end of the weekend, all being well, as well as work on Winter Beauty Princess.

Thanks for looking, there is some new Jewellery to show, but will put pics in my Webshots tomorrow, there is sooo many of them lol.



  1. Woooow! They are gorgeous!

  2. They look gorgeous!
    I bought this kit and never opened it – when I finally did, over a year later, there was no pattern in it. @_@
    But Dimensions said they would send me one for free! It hasnt’ arrived yet, but I’m still excited about it!
    and why am I rambling about this on your blog?
    Your ladies are lovely, you do gorgeous work! That’s what I meant to say!!!

  3. That looks fabulous!

  4. Your ladies are looking wonderful 😀

  5. Looks wonderful :o)

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