Posted by: kathysdesigns | October 28, 2008

Final Jewels WIP

Well here they are in their final WIP stage.  I do have the backstitching and wysteria to do and the tassles from the brolly, but all in all it should be finished by tomorrow night.  I won’t be home after tomorrow afternoon so my HD pic will have to be when I get back home on Sunday.

My Aunt will be really pleased its only a month late, and it will be the last one I do for her for a while lol, its time to get my own stuff finished hurrrayyy lol.



  1. It looks lovely.

  2. They are gorgeous!

  3. Really beautiful. I just finished Fairy Grandmother for my mother and am so happy to get back to my own stitching. Enjoy!

  4. Stunning, stunning, stunning 😉

    What are you going to stitch for yourself?

  5. Beautiful finish Kathy. Your aunt will be delighted. And glad you can do your own stitching now. 🙂

  6. Wow – they look great! Congrats on your soon-to-be Happy Dance!

  7. Lovely! I’m waiting in anticipation for the finish picture.

  8. Looks great sis, well done for getting it done so quickly.

  9. It is impressive how fast you can stitch! Congratulations!

  10. They are really pretty Kathy. Looking forward to seeing them all finished up.

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